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In Search of a Higher Calling: Faith-Based Nursing

In Search of a Higher Calling: Faith-Based Nursing Nursing is one of the few professions that has a direct impact on each one of us. Throughout our lives, nurses are there — to welcome us into the world, to guide us through routine checkups, to care for us during medical procedures and illnesses, a…

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Choosing a Nursing School? Here Are 5 Qualities That Set Our ABSN Track Apart

Choosing a nursing schoolYou’ve probably heard it more than once: choosing a nursing school is one of the most important decisions you will make in your career. It’s true – where you attend nursing school will have a lasting impact on your professional nursing success. While there is a lot of information to help you …

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One Second Career Nurse’s Journey from Police Officer to Nurse

One Second Career Nurse’s Journey from Police Officer to Nurse Typically, when we talk to second career nurses about their reasons for pursuing a career in nursing, dissatisfaction with a previous career and a lifelong dream of becoming a nurse come up. It’s not a…

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Your Nursing School Guide – Part 2: Nursing School Goals

Your Nursing School Guide – Part 2: Nursing School Goals Congratulations on your decision to pursue a career in nursing. While you haven’t started school yet, you should feel proud of yourself for making a commitment to become a registered nurse (RN). You have a challenging road in front of you, but it will be …

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The Answers to 5 Commonly Asked Nursing School Questions

By Demi Hurst, ABSN Admissions Counselor.
As a career changer, you probably have many nursing school questions, including how much time it will take, how challenging it will be, and, most importantly, how soon you can start working as a nurse in a healthcare setting. …

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What to Expect From Your First Day of Nursing School

What to Expect From Your First Day of Nursing School Once you meet the requirements for Concordia University Texas’s Accelerated BSN track, you will then be expected to prepare for your transformative, 16-month nursing school experience. But where do you …

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An ABSN Comparison: What’s Right for You?

When it comes to choosing an accelerated nursing program in Texas, Concordia University’s Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing track in Austin paves the way for success, granting you the opportunity to earn your BSN degree in as few as 16 months. The healthcare in…

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The Essential Skills You Need To Become A Nurse. Do You Have What It Takes?

Nurses are on the front lines of the battle to save lives. Their knowledge and skills you need to become a nurse can mean the difference between survival and death. That’s why, before all of Concordia Texas’s other goals, there is the simple, central purpose of graduating the very best nurses that we possibly can. These Are th…<br></p>
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What to Expect When You’re Getting into Concordia University Texas’ ABSN Track

Making the choice to pursue an Bachelor of Science in Nursing  is a sign that prospective nursing students are ready for a major change in their lives. So what should you expect from the admissions process? What is getting into a nursing school like? Depending on your previous educational experience, you may need to take some prerequisite science courses or general education courses. You will also need to fulfill some other basic such as the TEAS Exam and CP…

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The Top 5 Benefits of Having an ABSN Education from Concordia University Texas

When you decide to make the jump into healthcare as a nurse, you will be bombarded with educational options, from campuses across Texas and the United States. It may seem like an impossible task to try and narrow them all down, but the most important factors your need to pay attention to are the quality of education, accreditation, time to graduate, and how your degree will serve you in the workplace. You’ve already chosen to earn a BSN because you want as many employment options as you ca…

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