ABSN Track Tuition and Fees

The Concordia University Texas Accelerated BSN track represents an investment of time and money. Keep in mind that graduating with a BSN from Concordia University Texas provides a high return on your investment. Not only will you be prepared to take the NCLEX-RN®, but you will also earn a quality degree from a nonprofit university that is trusted by the healthcare community.

The estimated tuition for our 16-month, full-time ABSN track is currently $17,300 per term. Four terms are required to complete the degree, not including any prerequisite courses. You should also plan for other student fees and ABSN track-related fees.

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ABSN Track Costs to Keep in Mind

The accelerated nursing school track tuition rate for the 2024-2025 academic year is $17,300* per semester (17-18 credits).

For students taking nursing prerequisite courses at CTX, the tuition rate is $495 per credit hour.

*Please note that tuition and fees are subject to change without notice.

Additional Fees

Students in the Concordia Texas ABSN track will incur additional educational costs, such as application, course, testing, general services, and graduation fees, which will be reflected on your financial aid award package.

Financial Aid

Pursuing a nursing degree warrants serious financial consideration, but ultimately, it’s a sound career investment. Time is money, and that’s where our ABSN track comes in. With Concordia University Texas’s ABSN track, you can earn a quality, accredited nursing degree in as few as 16 months.

We realize that figuring out how to fund your accelerated nursing school tuition can seem overwhelming. If you need assistance to pay for nursing school, our financial services team can help determine what eligibility you may have for federal funding to help cover your costs. You may also be able to seek funding through private loans or third-party scholarships.

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Nursing Workforce Development Scholarship

Concordia Texas’s Nursing Workforce Development Scholarship paves a path for students to answer their calling and become registered nurses. Starting the Fall 2024 term, the $10,000 scholarship will be disbursed in smaller installments to newly admitted ABSN track students throughout the course of the 16-month ABSN track.

For more information on our ABSN track scholarship, contact our admissions team. You will be assigned an admissions counselor who can answer your questions and direct you to our financial services team to help you navigate funding options.

Federal Student Aid

As your first step, we recommend you complete your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to determine whether you are eligible. Federal student aid can come in the form of grants or loans funded by the state and/or federal government. Student financial services will guide you through the financial aid process.

Private Loans

Federal student aid may not cover the total cost of attendance for our ABSN track. So, it’s a good idea to research private lenders, such as banks or credit unions. It’s best to borrow from an institution with low-interest rates and good terms. Keep in mind, you may need a co-signer on a private loan.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for federal student aid?

The first step is to complete the FASFA online at www.studentaid.gov. Concordia University Texas’s FAFSA school code is 003557. Online submissions usually take 24-48 hours to arrive at the school electronically.
Once you submit your FAFSA and have been admitted into the ABSN track, you will receive a financial aid award packet that will inform you of any grants and/or loans for which you qualify.

Are scholarships available for ABSN track students?

Concordia University Texas offers a $10,000 Nursing Workforce Development Scholarship starting in the Fall 2024 term. The total amount will be disbursed in smaller installments at the start of each term throughout the ABSN track.
Additionally, third-party scholarships may be available to help offset your nursing school costs. You can begin your scholarship search by visiting these sites:

American Association of Colleges of Nursing


Is there student financial aid support?

Our student financial aid services are available to guide you through your funding options. When you speak to your admissions counselor, they can answer your questions and direct you to our financial services team for further assistance.

For More Information

Please contact an admissions counselor to learn more about our accelerated nursing track tuition and fees.