On-Site Nursing Simulation Labs

Experiential learning is essential for creating practice-ready nurses and that’s why our nursing simulation labs are designed to give you training in state-of-the-art labs that are just like the environments you will encounter as an RN. These labs provide you with a dose of reality so you can learn how to safely apply the nursing concepts you learned online. You are able to get as close as possible to patient-care situations to build the confidence and real-world skills necessary to become a successful nurse.

Concordia Texas nursing student working with sim manikin

Our nursing skills lab helps you utilize complex thinking to analyze holistic health needs of individuals, families, groups, communities, and populations. As a result, you can begin your clinical rotations feeling prepared to work alongside practicing RNs and provide patient care.

Nursing labs at CTX are divided into two types, skills labs and simulation labs. Each of these collaborative experiences will reinforce your learning and help you develop the skills needed for a successful registered nursing career.

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What to Expect in Labs

Concordia University Texas offers a small, caring Christian community that encourages student and faculty interaction and promotes individual attention. During your lab work, you will work alongside your instructors to gain hands-on nursing skills using high-tech manikins that can simulate a variety of bodily functions and reactions to medications.

Skills Labs

During skills labs you’ll learn how to perform a variety of technical nursing tasks, such as:

  • Performing basic skills like checking vital signs and monitoring blood pressure.
  • Inserting IV lines and administering medications.
  • Caring for wounds and post-surgical sites.
  • Interviewing patients and performing physical exams.

Simulation Labs

Once you learn how to perform tasks in skills labs, you’ll apply those skills to a mock clinical environment during simulation labs. Working with a group of peers, you’ll learn to care for a patient simulator manikin in various complex situations. Simulations will give you the opportunity to:

  • Participate in hands-on learning strategies that are similar to clinical experiences.
  • Practice responding to acute and critical events in a controlled, safe environment.
  • Evaluate various patient-care scenarios and administer proper treatment.
  • Learn from mistakes and effectively correct them.
  • Effectively collaborate with other members of the healthcare team.

Real-World Experience

One of the many advantages of nursing labs is that they let you gain real-world experience in a safe place. We encourage you to ask as many questions as possible to take full advantage of this supervised, experiential setting. Labs prepare you to step into clinical rotations and care for real patients with confidence.

Contact an admissions counselor to learn more about our hands-on nursing simulation lab experience.