Concordia Texas ABSN Track Curriculum

You can earn a BSN from Concordia University Texas in as few as 16 months by leveraging your past education. Students are required to have completed a minimum of 60 credits either through your prior education or through completion of required prerequisites online at Concordia University Texas prior to enrolling in the ABSN track.

Once admitted, students are required to complete 62 credit hours, which includes online didactic coursework, hands-on learning at our high-tech nursing site, and clinical practice at local healthcare facilities.

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Our courses are broken down into four 16-week semesters that provide you with exposure to concepts such as cultural diversity, spiritual care, ethics, and evidence-based practice. But our academic foundation goes beyond other programs, developing Christian leaders by providing students with unique tools, like our mission practicum, so students learn how to become a nurse and a healthcare leader.

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Here is a look at how the curriculum breaks down into semesters over the course of your ABSN track.

Semester 1 (16 weeks)

NUR 3325 Adult Health I Skills3 credits
NUR 3535 Adult Health I Theory5 credits
NUR 3336 Adult Health I Practicum4 credits
NUR 3336S Adult Health I Simulation (Companion to Practicum)
NUR 3330 Professionalism in Nursing3 credits
NUR 3250 Pharmacology for Nurses I2 credits
Total17 credits

Semester 2 (16 weeks)

NUR 3365 Adult Health II Theory3 credits
NUR 3386 Adult Health II Practicum3 credits
NUR 3386S Adult Health II Simulation (Companion to Practicum)
NUR  3366 Adult Health II Skills3 credits
NUR 3251 Pharmacology for Nurses II2 credits
NUR 3320 Maternal Newborn Theory3 credits
NUR 3126 Maternal Newborn Practicum1 credit
NUR 3126S Maternal Newborn Simulation (Companion to Practicum)
Total15 credits

Semester 3 (16 weeks)

NUR 4386 Adult Health III Practicum3 credits
NUR 4386S Adult Health III Simulation (Companion to Practicum)
NUR 4357 Nursing Leadership and Management3 credits
NUR 4385 Adult Health III Theory3 credits
NUR 4332 Child & Family Nursing Theory3 credits
NUR 4132 Child & Family Nursing Practicum1 credit
LDR 4101 Leadership and Career Capstone1 credit
Total14 credits

Semester 4 (16 weeks)

NUR 4160 Community and Global Health Practicum1 credit
NUR 4360 Community and Global Health Theory3 credits
NUR 4280 Transition to Practice2 credits
NUR 4370 Capstone Practicum3 credits
NUR 4295 NCLEX Preparation and Review1 credit
NUR 4310 Nursing Research3 credits
NUR 4389 Adult Health IV Theory3 credits
Total16 credits

Total credit hours: 62

Once in the accelerated nursing track, you will receive continued personal attention and the caring support of the Concordia Texas nursing faculty.

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Admissions Requirements

Admissions counselors will work one-on-one with you to explain the admissions requirements,
as well as guide you through the application process and answer questions at every stage.