CTX ABSN in Texas Overview

Whether you are changing career paths or the direction of your education, Concordia University Texas’ ABSN in Texas is a perfect opportunity to leverage your non-nursing academic experience and become a nurse.

No prior healthcare experience is required to transition into Concordia University Texas’ accelerated nursing track. You can transfer your existing college credit and earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree in as few as 16 months of professional nursing study, so you can become the nurse you want to be without the wait.

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Nursing Workforce Development Scholarship

Concordia Texas is committed to developing a skilled professional nursing workforce in Texas. To support our mission and make a nursing education accessible to more students, we offer a $10,000 Nursing Workforce Development Scholarship to incoming ABSN students. The total scholarship is to be disbursed in smaller installments each semester throughout the 16-month ABSN track.

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How the ABSN Curriculum Works

Our ABSN in Texas uses a blended learning model that combines robust online coursework with hands-on learning and real-world clinical practice.

  • Online coursework where you’ll learn foundational nursing concepts via our e-learning platform under the guidance of esteemed professors.
  • Skills and simulation labs in our high-tech ABSN learning center. Labs provide a safe and supportive atmosphere for mastering hands-on nursing procedures and techniques.
  • Clinical rotations in Austin or Dallas regional hospitals and healthcare facilities, where you’ll practice caring for real patients in various specialties.

CTX offers two ABSN locations in Austin and Dallas. No matter which one you choose, you’ll get to learn from dedicated faculty members who are eager to offer their full support throughout your education.

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Preparing for Your Nursing Career

At Concordia University Texas, our nursing students are prepared to promote health, offer quality bed-side care, and provide leadership, both within healthcare organizations and in the broader community.

Upon completing our accelerated nursing curriculum, you can expect to have a strong academic foundation along with the clinical preparedness for taking the National Council Licensure Exam (NCLEX-RN®).

To learn more about how you can earn your BSN in as few as 16 months of professional nursing study at our ABSN in Texas, contact us to speak with an admissions counselor.

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Accelerated BSN FAQs

1. How will this online-based ABSN prepare me for a successful career?

Students in the ABSN track receive an accelerated, invaluable nursing experience created through a blended delivery with a combination of online coursework, hands-on preparation, and real-world application.

2. Is the ABSN track 100% online?

No. It’s a comprehensive blended learning model, which means we combine online coursework with onsite labs and clinical rotations that you’ll complete in person. The online learning component serves as a foundation for the in-person experiences you will complete during our ABSN in Texas. You’ll participate in skills and simulation labs at our ABSN learning site in Austin or Dallas, and you’ll complete clinical rotations at regional hospitals and healthcare facilities.

3. Is it possible to work while participating in the Accelerated BSN track?

In order to be successful, a nursing student needs to be dedicated and self-motivated because of the pace and thoroughness of the accelerated track. This is a full-time commitment, and some consider it to be a job in and of itself. While it may be possible to work part-time while participating in the Accelerated BSN track, you should talk to an admissions counselor about your options.

4. What type of student excels in this accelerated nursing learning format?

The ABSN track at Concordia University Texas is fast-paced and demanding, so the students who are most successful are dedicated, self-motivated, organized, and eager to learn. They are able to anticipate the demands of their workload and are comfortable utilizing the support of their fellow students and faculty.

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Two ABSN Locations

Choose the location that works best for you in Austin or in Dallas.