Online Accelerated Nursing Coursework

[email protected] takes a blended approach to learning where all theory coursework is completed online. Online studies are similar to traditional, on-campus programs because you are required to complete the same course curriculum within a set timeframe. However, with online coursework, you are not tied to a specific classroom schedule or location for nursing theory courses.

As a result, our online accelerated nursing courses provide a level of convenience not seen with classroom-based instruction. Students are able to decide when to complete course requirements, whether that’s taking a practice quiz after the kids are asleep for the night or getting an early start on the day by watching an instructional video.

Online accelerated nursing theory coursework is completed through an intuitive e-Learning platform that allows you to:

  • Listen to and read coursework material
  • Complete interactive learning activities
  • Receive and turn-in assignments
  • Discuss assignments with other students via a discussion forum
  • Participate in scheduled chat sessions with your instructors
  • Keep yourself organized with the calendar function

Our online ABSN courses are robust and engaging, and they’re taught by the same distinguished faculty who teach our campus-based nursing degrees.

Screenshot from an online learning module.

CTX also offers a full slate of online nursing prerequisite courses so you can satisfy your requirements on the same e-Learning system as you will be using for your accelerated nursing courses.

Finding Help for Online Learning

While an online-based accelerated nursing education can afford you the benefit of greater flexibility, it takes the same level of dedication and focus to be successful as it would for a student in an on-campus track.

Here are a number of tips to help you navigate the online nursing curriculum as well as managing your education.

  • Connect with your instructors early and often to build rapport and understand expectations.
  • Learn when your instructors have scheduled office hours and prepare accordingly.
  • Find out the best way to communicate with your professor.
  • Schedule regular time blocks for your online coursework so you can stay on track.
  • Leverage your online calendar to manage assignment deadlines, test dates, and clinical hours.
  • Connect with your other ABSN students in your cohort and form study groups

Having an organized plan is key to being successful in [email protected] You will need to develop a consistent routine and find a comfortable, distraction-free location where you can study and stay focused on your education.

Contact an admissions counselor to find out more about our online course delivery.

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