What Is the TEAS Test?

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What is the TEAS test, and what subjects are on the TEAS test? The TEAS exam is a commonly used admissions exam for nursing schools, including accelerated degree programs. It assesses your math, English, language usage, and science skills.

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The decision to head back to school to become a nurse can open a world of possibilities for your future. Your pathway begins with meeting the admissions requirements for a nursing track, such as the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) track at Concordia University Texas.

As an aspiring nursing student, you likely have many questions to consider as you work toward admissions, such as “What is the TEAS test?” and “What subjects are on the TEAS test?” You’ll get the answers to those questions here, and you can always reach out to an admissions counselor at Concordia Texas with any other questions you may have.

What Is the TEAS Test for Nursing School?

The TEAS test is a common admissions requirement for those wishing to earn a nursing degree. So, what is the TEAS exam, exactly?

The ATI TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) is a basic aptitude test most nursing schools require prospective students to take. The results of the TEAS exam provide nursing schools with objective information to determine if prospective students have what it takes to think critically like a nurse. It will evaluate your math, reading, science, and English skills.

Once you complete the ATI TEAS test, you will be scored within each content area and on your overall test performance. Based on your test results, you will be placed in the following ranges:

  • Developmental: Student needs vast improvement before entering nursing school
  • Basic: Student needs minor improvement before entering nursing school
  • Proficient: Student is ready to enter nursing school
  • Advanced: Student will most likely do well in nursing school
  • Exemplary: Student will have little or no trouble getting a nursing degree

Concordia Texas requires students to take the TEAS VI test within one year of beginning the ABSN track. At most, two attempts will be accepted to reach the minimum score requirements. You will have the option to either take the TEAS test proctored online or at a testing center.

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How to Prepare for the TEAS Test

Now that you know the answer to the question, “What is the TEAS exam?” it’s time to look at how to prepare for the TEAS test. The first step in preparing for the exam is understanding what subjects are on the TEAS test and how the exam is formatted.

TEAS Test Breakdown and Free Practice Tests

So, what subjects are on the TEAS test? The exam has four main sections: math, reading, science, and English and language usage. You will be timed on each section, completing 170 multiple-choice and other questions.

Here’s a look at the format of the current version of the test, the TEAS 7:

  • Reading: 45 questions55 minutesView the practice test.
    • Key ideas and details
    • Craft and structure
    • Integration of knowledge
  • Math: 38 questions57 minutesView the practice test.
    • Numbers and algebra
    • Measurement and data
  • Science: 50 questions60 minutesView the practice test.
    • Human anatomy and physiology
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Scientific reasoning
  • English and Language Usage: 37 questions37 minutesView the practice test.
    • Conventions of standard English
    • Knowledge of language
    • Using language and vocabulary to express ideas in writing

As you can see, you’ll need to answer questions quickly. You won’t be able to carry over time allotments from one section to another. Ensuring you’re well-prepared for the exam is essential because you won’t have much time to reflect upon each question. Now that you know what subjects are on the TEAS test, let’s take a closer look at how to prepare for the TEAS test.

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Take a “Diagnostic” Test

You can take a free practice TEAS test online. It’s a good idea to do so at the start of your TEAS prep, as this can give you a rough idea of where your strengths lie and which areas you need to work on.

You can develop a reasonable study schedule once you know how much prep work you’ll need to put in based on your practice test scores. If you scored far below the standard for nursing school admissions, you may want to plan on preparing for at least a couple of months. On the other hand, if your practice test score is exceptional, you might decide you’re ready to take the test soon.

Use TEAS Test Prep Materials

There are loads of prep materials for TEAS-takers available online. Some may be free; others may require a fee. Search for materials online to guide your test prep.

Set SMART Goals for Study Sessions

To help you stay on track with your TEAS test prep, setting a specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goal for each session is a good idea. For example, during your first study session, you may decide to work through two reading lessons within one hour.

Reassess Your Readiness Periodically

Taking additional TEAS practice exams is a smart way to study for the exam. It also lets you reassess your readiness to take the actual exam. Consider taking a practice test at the end of each week of TEAS test prep.

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Good Luck With the TEAS!

Now that you understand the importance of the TEAS test, it’s time to move forward fearlessly! The friendly admissions counselors at Concordia Texas are here to answer any other questions you may have about our nursing school’s admissions requirements and process.

With our ABSN track, you can graduate with your nursing degree in as few as 16 months upon completing prerequisites. And with three start dates per year, you won’t have to wait long to get started! Contact our admissions team today to get the ball rolling!