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How to Increase Your Chances of Getting into Nursing School

Increase your chances of getting into nursing school

It goes without saying that applying to nursing school is a competitive, yet rewarding process. Given the current state of demand, you may be wondering what you can do to strengthen your application and stand out among the crowd. While there’s a lot of work in front of you, there are ways to increase your chances of getting into nursing school, you just need to take the right approach.

Below we outline some tips that can help you get into a reputable nursing program, like Concordia University Texas’s Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) track, with confidence and ease.

Create a personal mission statement

Making the decision to pursue a career in nursing is just the first step. Now it’s time to get to the root of your decision. What sparked this career change in the first place? Knowing this can help you determine what you need from the right nursing school and program.

Applying to nursing school

Interested in knowing more about applying to nursing school? We’ve put together a nursing school guide for you.

You can start by writing down your purpose or personal mission statement for becoming a nurse. For example, I want to become a nurse to enhance the health and well-being of others. Being able to explain why you want to be a nurse will help legitimize your decision for wanting to change careers and will be very helpful when speaking to an admissions counselor. Not to mention, you’re going to want to be thinking about your mission statement well in advance of writing your personal essay for admission, which we’ll touch upon later.

Find an accessible program

If you want to increase your chances of getting into nursing school, it’s time to get strategic about where you’re applying. Why? Because, given the national nursing shortage, qualified students (even with excellent GPAs) are finding it difficult to pursue their passion for nursing. This is because nursing programs across the country are reducing the number of available slots due to capacity issues and lack of faculty.

This is what makes accelerated nursing programs, like Concordia University Texas’s ABSN track, so attractive. With three start dates each year, you can start working toward your nursing degree sooner. You just need a minimum of 60 college credits or a non-nursing degree to apply.

Review the admission requirements

Once you determine your eligibility for the ABSN track, it’s important that you look over the admissions requirements before contacting an admissions counselor. This will help you understand exactly what you’re getting into.

“It benefits the students to spend a good amount of time reviewing the ABSN website because many of their general questions can be answered there,” says CTX ABSN Senior Admissions Counselor, Demi Hurst.

There are some requirements you can start working on right away. This includes your personal essay and your recommendation forms from professional sources.

Outline Your Personal Essay

As part of the admission process at Concordia University Texas, you will be required to write a personal statement to go with your application. While it may sound like a chore, outlining your personal essay beforehand can make a difference at decision time. Since there’s a good chance other applicants will share the same academic qualifications as you, a personal statement can set you apart from the other talented candidates. Start by explaining your personal mission statement, as mentioned above.

Accumulate a Reference Score

Instead of providing various letters of recommendation, Concordia University Texas requests that you collect reference scores. Reference scores are much more efficient and will save your professional source more time. As you apply, you will be required to enter the name and email address of a professional or academic recommender. Your recommender will get an email with a list of qualities upon which he or she can rate you numerically. Your admission counselor will receive your application packet with your reference score to review.

Consider the number of prerequisites

Nearly every accredited, accelerated nursing program, like Concordia University’s, is going to require you to complete prerequisite courses. How many you will need to complete depends on your previous college experience.

For example, if you have a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree, you will likely have fewer prerequisites to take than someone with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree because your education incorporated more science coursework. Regardless of the number of prerequisite courses, your admissions counselor can help you develop a personalized plan. This will require you to be upfront and honest throughout the entire admissions process.

Calrey Leasure is the Site Director for CTX's ABSN track

Carley Leasure

[email protected] Site Director

“The best advice that I have for a student who is interested in the ABSN track is to stay in consistent communication with the admissions counselor. Let them know how they are progressing throughout prerequisite classes.”

The CTX Advantage

Concordia University Texas offers prerequisite courses online in 8-week increments. This, above all, allows your admissions counselor to assist you better and have immediate access to your classes and grades for a smoother transition into the Accelerated BSN track.

“The nice part about Concordia’s ABSN track is there is not an expiration date on science prerequisites,” says Carley. “Students can have a microbiology class from ten years ago, and that can still count towards our track.”

Detect the level of admissions support

The last way to increase your chances of getting into nursing school is to consider the level of admissions support. At Concordia University, the admissions support stands out. An admissions counselor will contact you almost immediately after inquiring and that support doesn’t end beyond that first call. “The biggest differentiator for our ABSN track is the personal touch students receive,” says Carley. From confirming your track eligibility to helping you submit the most competitive application possible, your admissions counselor will help you every step of the way.

Marie Nguyen ABSN graduate

Ann Marie Nguyen

ABSN Graduate, Class of 2018
“My admissions process was a determining factor for me to apply. My admissions counselor was very inviting – she was very excited for me and made me feel excited about starting this process.”

Ready to get started?

Getting into a nursing school, like Concordia University Texas’s Accelerated BSN track, takes effort and hard work. However, the hard work will undoubtedly pay off by the following the steps outlined above. The earlier you start preparing yourself for nursing school, the higher your chances will be of getting into nursing school.

To learn more about the admissions process at Concordia University Texas, contact our admissions team today.

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