Now Enrolling: Concordia Texas Accelerated BSN Track in Austin

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If you’ve been waiting to start your dream of becoming a nurse, your future starts – NOW! Adopted from Concordia University Texas' successful Bachelor of Science in Nursing track, students will now be able to transfer their existing college credits and earn a BSN in as few as 16 months upon completion of prerequisites. How? With our new Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing track! Our blended learning model combines online coursework with experiential learning, including in-hospital rotations inside Austin’s top healthcare facilities. With three start dates per year and seats available now your wait is over!

Start your future with an ABSN from Concordia University Texas in Austin

Flexible Learning

Accelerated is in the name because we’re not exaggerating when we say that our curriculum is fast. We often recommend that students view their enrollment in the ABSN track as a full-time job, but a flexible one. A flexible full-time job? Yes, you read that right. While fast, certain elements are very adaptable. Students are able to make their own study schedules and learn when it’s most convenient for them as long as it meets the required deadlines. Are you a night owl? Have young children? Like to get up early? This flexibility means you can listen to lectures and study for nursing school on your own time and wherever you learn best.

Blended Format

Our unique curriculum combines online coursework with hands-on experience to provide you with an immersive education. Over the course of four semesters, nursing students will master nursing theory courses through our online portal, experience hands-on learning in our state-of-the-art nursing facility, and put what they’ve learned into practice with clinical rotations at Austin’s top healthcare facilities.

Online Learning

Say goodbye to attending class in a traditional setting. Through our online accelerated nursing coursework, school starts when you login to the online learning platform. Led by Concordia University Texas faculty, you can listen to lectures, complete simulated learning models, practice tests, and more.

Hands-On Skills Labs

Concordia Texas nursing instructor with class

Before entering the hospital, our lab instructors put you through various patient care scenarios in skills and nursing simulation labs. Students are able to fine tune their technique on medical manikins before taking care of real patients.

Clinical Rotations

The most crucial part of our BSN students' education is our in-hospital clinical rotations at healthcare facilities in Austin. As a nursing student, you can expect to gain valuable experience in some of the following areas:

  • Adult Health
  • Mental Health
  • Behavioral Health
  • Obstetrics
  • Pediatrics
  • Intensive Care
  • Acute Care
  • Long-term Care

Some nursing students have an idea of what area of medicine they want to pursue after graduation, but some don’t. Clinical rotations are not only an essential piece of your nursing education, they also allow you to explore different areas of medicine and find your fit in the nursing world.

Why Concordia University Texas

Two nursing students on campus

Of all the schools available, why should you choose us? Our nursing school graduates are prepared to step into the real world of nursing. Our 100% first-time NCLEX pass rate for our school of nursing BSN program in 2019 proves the quality and value of our academic foundation. Additionally, we provide students with an accredited, nonprofit, faith-based community that encourages personal attention and spiritual growth. At Concordia University Texas, you’ll learn to care for the whole patient: mind, body, and spirit.

Start Sooner

We offer three start dates per year, so when you’re ready to begin nursing school, so are we.

Nursing in Austin

Austin is in the middle of a big boom across many areas of industry. According to the Wall Street Journal, in 2019, Austin was rated the city with the number one best job market in the country for the second year in a row.

Concordia Texas campus

Texas: A Nurse Compact State

Nursing students who graduate from our ABSN track in Austin and pass the NCLEX-RN, have a lot fewer hoops to jump through. Austin resides in one of the more than 30 Nurse Licensure Compact states.

  • What is a Compact State? A Nurse Licensure Compact State allows licensed nurses to practice in multiple states, saving them from having to apply for licensure and pay if they move to or work in another state.
  • How does it work? If you are a nurse who lives in a state that is one of the 30+ nursing compact states, you can get licensed to practice in all states that are members.
  • Why is it a benefit? Becoming a licensed nurse in a compact state opens you up to a number of nursing job opportunities and makes the process of getting hired easier.

If you have a desire to become a nurse and are looking for a degree that will prepare you to be the best nurse you can, our accelerated BSN track in Texas could be the perfect fit for you. Our dedicated team is ready and waiting to assist you through the admissions process and answer any questions your may have – contact them today.