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Tips on How to Succeed in Nursing School

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You’re ready to move forward and apply to a nursing school so you can earn your bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) degree. While an exciting time, it also can be a bit scary. After all, nursing school is a big investment and you want to make sure that you have what it takes to succeed in nursing school.

While there is no fixed formula for nursing school success, it is always beneficial to talk to nursing students who have been through it so you not only gain advice, but also support. They’ll tell you to always ask for help if you need it. Take, for example, the current students and graduates of Concordia University Texas’s Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) track. Having experienced the ABSN track firsthand, these individuals know how to succeed in nursing school. In this blog post, we are sharing what they have learned through their experience and share how it can benefit your journey.

1. Get to the root of why you want to become a nurse.

Your success in nursing school starts and ends with you. Before just jumping into the admissions process, it is a good idea to take a breath and spend some time organizing your thoughts. Thoughts like why you want to become a nurse, especially when considering an accelerated nursing program, like ABSN@CTX.

Why is this important? Because when you first connect with an admissions counselor, this is the first question you will be asked. Your answer and how succinct it is, can really help you move forward in the process. It also indicates how serious you may be as a student. Accelerated nursing programs are rigorous, so you have to really want to become a nurse and want to be successful.

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Whether it’s because you have an innate desire to help others or it’s because you appreciate the challenge that comes with a career in nursing, knowing ‘your why’ for nursing will help you stay focused throughout your entire 16-month education.

2. Establish a routine that works for you.

Accelerated BSN students at CTX will be among the first to tell you – while nursing school is challenging, it can be much easier to manage if you have a dedicated routine. Knowing this, it’s critical that you start developing habits and systems that promote efficiency from the very beginning of your nursing education.

Given that Concordia University’s ABSN track runs on a blended learning model which consists of online nursing theory coursework, hands-on labs, and in-hospital clinical rotations, you won’t want to fall behind. Each learning component will present its own set of challenges, so you must stay organized at all times. Successful ABSN students utilize a planner. Being able to write down and visualize your learning activities on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis will keep you in check and support you to manage instructor deadlines.

How the blended learning model works:

Online learning provides you in-depth nursing theory instruction through Concordia’s Blackboard online learning management system (LMS). Here is where you’ll find quizzes, discussion forums, course lecture videos, and your instructors’ virtual “office hours” where you can interact with them live.

Hands-on labs let you apply what you’ve learned online in a real-life (and risk-free) practice setting. Labs challenge you to think critically and refine techniques before working on a real-life patient.

Clinical rotations allow you to display the skills you’ve learned in online coursework and hands-on labs on actual patients. Not to mention, your nursing clinicals will take place at top hospitals in the Austin, Texas area.

3. Know your learning style.

Since one-third of Concordia University’s curriculum consists of online learning, knowing how you learn best can make a significant difference in your nursing school success. Whether you learn best by reading a textbook or by listening to it, Concordia University’s online platform has a variety of learning modules conducive to your personal learning style.

From video content to discussion forums to interactive activities, Concordia’s online LMS lets you engage with course material at your own pace (while meeting instructor deadlines). As opposed to taking notes in a traditional lecture hall, online learning at CTX takes the pressure off by giving you the freedom to listen to lectures and review course material as many times as needed until you fully grasp the subject. Best of all, everything you see online will coincide with your lectures and assigned textbook readings.

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4. Don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Asking for help in nursing school is extremely beneficial. Not only does it empower your cohort members to do the same, but it proves to your instructors and other faculty that you truly care about the nursing career you’re creating for yourself. Here are some ways you can find support throughout your nursing education at Concordia University:

  • Join a study group.
  • Attend instructor office hours (virtually and in-person).
  • Take advantage of open lab hours to refine your skills.
  • Network with fellow registered nurses, doctors, and staff during your clinical rotations.

You don’t have to journey through the Accelerated BSN track alone; At Concordia University, there’s a whole community that wants to see you succeed.

5. Treat the ABSN track like a full-time job.

How you do one thing is how you do everything. With that said, instead of going through the motions of nursing school, it’s best to treat it like a full-time job. Doing this will help you form lifelong habits that will serve you in every area of your life.

You’ll especially want to go the extra mile when completing in-hospital clinical rotations. That’s because with each clinical setting, you’ll work alongside some of the best-registered nurses in the region, so it’s up to you to make those connections count. Sure, you may be nervous at first, but it’s in your best interest to put yourself out there and learn from everyone you can.

Successful students understand the challenges that come with an accelerated nursing track, like Concordia University. Outside of hands-on labs and nursing clinicals, their willingness to dedicate up to 40 hours a week to reading assignments, writing papers, online learning assignments, and more.

Begin your nursing education today!

As you can see, there are many ways to find nursing school success. The students and graduates of Concordia University Texas’s ABSN track prove that from the tips above. Now, it’s time for you to apply them to your own nursing school journey. If you’re ready to start learning to become a nurse, contact an admissions counselor today.

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