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Free TEAS Practice Tests to Help You Ace Your Application

Updated March 27, 2019

As an aspiring nurse, you have many requirements to complete before crossing the application process finish line – one of which includes the TEAS test. Perhaps your research has led you to various TEAS practice tests, or maybe you are unsure of what the acronym TEAS even means.

For starters, TEAS stands for Test of Essential Academic Skills, and you must know that it is an essential factor in determining your admission into our Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) track.

Administered through ATI Nursing Education, the TEAS is a valid and reliable source that helps our nursing faculty measure entry-level skills and abilities of incoming students, like yourself, before getting started in our nursing program.

Free TEAS study prep

You should view the TEAS test as a positive experience – this is your opportunity to touch up on your academic skills and better position yourself for a successful career as a nurse. To help you prepare, we’re providing you with everything you need to know about the TEAS test, including free TEAS practice tests to help you successfully ace your application and guidelines to help you prepare along the way.

A Closer Look at the TEAS

The ATI TEAS is a basic aptitude test that provides us with objective information to determine if students interested in our ABSN track have what it takes to think critically like a nurse. It will showcase your math, reading, science and English skills before you apply to our ABSN track.

Concordia ABSN studentsOnce you complete the ATI TEAS test, you will be scored within each individual content area as well as on your overall test performance. Based on your test results, you will be placed in the following ranges:

  • Developmental: student needs vast improvement before entering nursing school
  • Basic: student needs minor improvement before entering nursing school
  • Proficient: student is ready to enter nursing school
  • Advanced: student will most likely do well in nursing school
  • Exemplary: student will have little or no trouble getting a nursing degree

At Concordia University Texas, we require students to take the TEAS VI test within one year of beginning the ABSN track. No more than two attempts will be accepted to reach minimum score requirements. You can take the TEAS test at our main campus in Austin. The cost of the exam is $90 and space is limited for each test start date. You must register prior to the testing time and date.

TEAS Test Breakdown and Free Practice Tests

Before you start preparing, it is crucial to organize all the information you can about the exam. There are four parts to the test: math, reading, science and English and language usage. You will be timed on each section, completing 170 multiple-choice questions. Prior to the test, you will answer 20 unscored questions, but you won’t know which of these questions are unscored, so it’s important you treat every question equally, as you will have a total of 209 minutes (roughly 3.5 hours) to complete the test.

  • Reading: 53 questions│64 minutesView the practice test.
    • Key ideas and details – 22 questions
    • Craft and Structure – 14 questions
    • Integration of knowledge – 11 questions
  • Math: 36 questions │54 minutes│ View the practice test.
    • Numbers and algebra – 23 questions
    • Measurement and data – 9 questions
  • Science: 53 questions │ 63 minutes │ View the practice test.
    • Human anatomy and physiology – 32 questions
    • Life and physical science – 8 questions
    • Scientific reasoning – 7 questions
  • English and Language Usage: 28 questions │ 28 minutes │ View the practice test.
    • Conventions of Standard English – 9 questions
    • Knowledge of Language – 9 questions
    • Vocabulary Acquisition – 6 questions

How to prepare for the TEAS test

Preparing for the TEAS test is extremely important – after all, it’s the gateway to your nursing education. Now that you are familiar with the TEAS testing structure, you must find a method of preparation that works best for you. Consider these guidelines below:

Schedule your test

Now that you have the TEAS test on your radar, it’s time to schedule your test in advance. The good news is ATI nursing education offers the TEAS test year-round. But because our 16-month ABSN track offers three start dates per year (January, May, and August), it’s best to communicate with your admissions counselor to determine the test date that best suits your academic plan. Once you have the date scheduled, mark it on your calendar so you can manage your time wisely and plan best times to study.

Know what to study

student studying at a coffee shop

After registering for the TEAS test, you will need to find a study guide as soon as possible. Make sure you register for the correct edition of the test: the sixth version of the exam. ATI has study guides available to purchase, or you can consult various third-party study guides, including ATI TEAS Secrets from Mometrix Test Preparation. There is also an iPhone app and an Android app. Both apps are free to download but have upgrade options within the app.

Take the TEAS test with confidence

You are now prepared to take your TEAS test with confidence. On exam day, don’t forget the following items ATI requires you to bring:

  • A No. 2 pencil
  • Your registration receipt with ATI testing ID number
  • A valid photo ID

Don’t be late to your test – ATI will not let you begin the test after the designated start time.

This is an exciting time for you and will determine your nursing education path; keep a positive mindset as you complete the test.

Good Luck with the TEAS!

Now that you understand the importance of the TEAS test, it’s time to move forward fearlessly! You can start by taking one of the free TEAS practice tests listed above.

If you have further questions about TEAS preparation and how the test corresponds with our ABSN track in Austin, Texas, please contact an admissions counselor today.


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