Concordia University College of Nursing Computer Requirements

Students are required to have a laptop computer that meet the following specifications. A laptop computer1,2,3 with Windows or Apple/Macintosh operating systems are acceptable. The following is a list of minimum requirements:

Processori3 or fasteri3 or faster
Display13 inch display (or larger recommended)13 inch display (or larger recommended)
Operating SystemWindows 7 or higher
Windows 10 Recommended
Apple OS 10.10 or higher
RAM8GB (or larger)8GB (or larger)
Hard Drive256GB (or larger)256GB (or larger)
NetworkingWireless: 802.11g (or higher)Wireless: 802.11g (or higher)
Flash Drive32GB (or larger) USB Flash Drive32GB (or larger) USB Flash Drive
Software-Microsoft Office 365 (Available for free from Concordia student email account.)
-Anti-Virus & Malware Software
-Acrobat Reader  
-Microsoft Office 365 (Available for free download from Concordia student email account.)
-Anti-Virus & Malware Software
-Acrobat Reader 
3 Yr. with Next Business Day On-Site Service is suggestedAppleCare Protection Plan for up to 3 years is recommended
Carrying Case
Quality case suggested for your protectionQuality case suggested for your protection
Webcam, Mic, and Speakers  Either built-in or externalEither built-in or external


  1. Students are required to have the laptop computer in their possession at the time of the College of Nursing Orientation.
  2. Software is required that enables viewing and editing frequently used file types including Microsoft files (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel) and portable document files (PDFs). Even while using the most compatible applications, some software and applications may not be fully compatible with all hardware and across all platforms.  For example, Adobe Flash files may not run on some Apple and Android operating systems.  In these situations where incompatibility results, it is the student’s responsibility to view any required files utilizing compatible hardware or utilizing the University computer laboratory. Most of the assessments will be administered via computer software that ensures secure-testing. At the beginning of the student’s first semester of the program, they may be required to download and register the secure testing software to their laptops. Tablets and mobile devices cannot be used for computer-based testing.
  3. Chromebooks are not an acceptable solution as they are not compatible with Concordia’s test monitoring platform.
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